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1031 Exchange DST

1031 Exchange DST Info

At Winthco Wealth Management we provide 1031 Exchange DST products. A 1031 exchange can help mitigate the taxes on the capital gains from the sale of a rental property.  If you have a rental property, or looking to invest directly into a 1031 exchange DST we can help you. Contact us today to see how we can help you with 1031 exchange DST products. Our 1031 exchange DST brokers will help you get your exchange completed quick and easily. Fill out the contact us form to get consultation on a 1031 exchange DST

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1031 Exchange DST Info

1031 Exchange Rules

There are many rules when it comes to completing a traditional 1031 exchange. If you do not meet all the rules in accordance with the IRS tax codes, the 1031 exchange will be invalid and you will be subject to the capital gains tax. 

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