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Understanding tax strategies and managing your tax bill should be part of any sound financial approach. Some taxes can be deferred, and others can be managed through tax-efficient investing. With careful and consistent preparation, you may be able to manage the impact of taxes on your financial efforts.

If you are a new Simi Valley personal income tax client looking to have a CPA or tax accountants prepare your tax returns, we can handle this for you! We offer a couple different methods to provide personal income tax preparation services for you. A-If you would like to come in and meet with a CPA or tax accountant and have an in person interview, we can schedule you an appointment. B- If you would like to mail in, or drop off your organizer and tax statements, we can prepare your income tax return for you in a timely manner. To get a tax appointment and organizer give us a call - 805-583-2720, or fill out the form below, or click the link to contact us to schedule your tax appointment with one of our friendly Simi Valley accountants and CPA's. 

If you have selected us to prepare your tax return, you will need to complete our organizer- 

Completing The Tax Organizer:
Read and review this section to ensure that you are prepared for your tax appointment.
It is extremely important that we receive your completed organizer along with copies of all supporting documents two weeks before your tax appointment. Prior to your tax appointment, we will enter your data into our system, so we may contact you for any missing information. It is our goal to have all of your information in our system for your tax appointment with our CPA or Tax Preparer. Please help us achieve this by following our guidelines for completing and submitting your organizer to our office. If we do not receive your completed organizer along with all supporting documents (or if there is missing information), we will cancel your appointment. Please only send Xerox copies of your supporting documents and keep the originals to bring with you for your tax appointment. Also bring the original completed organizer. Samples of supporting documents:


-W2 (Wages)
-1099INT/1099DIV (Interest,Dividends)
-1099R (Pension Income)
-1099Misc or 1099NEC forms
-Schedule K-1 (Income/Loss from Partnerships, S Corps, Trusts etc.)
-Property Tax Statements
-1098 (Mortgage Interest)
-1098T (Tuition Paid)
-1098E (Student Loan Interest Paid)
-1099B (Stock, Bond or other Investment Sales & Virtual Digital Currency**)
-Brokerage Statements
-COST BASIS (Mandatory for Stock or Option Sales)
-Escrow Closing/Final Settlement Statements (For Property Sale/Purchase or Refi)
-1099S (re Property Sale)
-1095A (Obamacare Mandatory form)
-1095B &1095C (re Health Insurance Coverage)
-IRS Letter 6419 (Advance Child Tax Credit Payments*)
-DMV Registration Receipts
-1099K (Payment Processing Transactions - 2022 $600 Threshold)
-Any Tax Notices received from IRS or other Taxing Authorities

Clear Xerox Copies of these forms should be sent to us in addition to your completed organizer.
You can scan/email, fax or mail xerox copies to us. Please send clear xerox copies or actual pdf
attachments with emails. Camera photos are distorted and are not clear and do not scan well into
our software.
*The Advance Child Tax Credit Payments received in 2021 need to be reported on your 2021 tax
return and will reduce your refund. Without this information, you tax return can not be
**The IRS considers Virtual Digital Currency as property for income tax purposes. Any transactions that
use Virtual Digital Currency are subject to the same tax principles that apply to Stock and Brokerage
transactions. If you had any Virtual Digital Currency Transactions during 2021, you must provide a
detailed listing of all transactions Reporting Sale Amount as well as Adjusted Cost Basis (even if
only an exchange from one currency to another)


Click the FILE AN EXTENSION link Below -


Best Practices: Follow these best practices and reminders to navigate your tax season smoothly and ensure your finances are on track. IRS Scams-Many of our clients receive fake IRS phone calls. These are scams. THE IRS DOES NOT CALL OR EMAIL YOU! These fake calls usually claim you have outstanding tax balances that would put you in jail if they are not paid immediately. If you receive such a call, do not give any of your personal information. Email phishing scams are also on the rise, so please don’t answer these emails. Please call our office or call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040 to verify the legitimacy of these communications. 401K Rollover and Investment-If you’ve changed jobs and still have a 401K with a previous employer, you have options to consider (including taking the lump-sum, keeping your assets, transferring your assets to your new employer’s plan, or rolling them over to avoid heavy taxation possibilities). Let’s talk about your options! Please be sure to bring the most recent statements with you to your tax appointment. Pension/Retirement Plan Early Distributions-Be cautious when taking early distributions from your pensions or retirement accounts. If you are contemplating doing this for any reason, including purchasing a new home, please call our office to schedule some tax planning and to calculate your needed withholdings. It is most important to see the “full cost vs benefit” of such a decision. Discovering this a year later at your tax appointment could have surprisingly devastating results. A little tax planning ahead could prevent some unnecessary heartache and severe tax consequences later. Child Tax Returns-Remember, if you claim a wage-earning child/teen as a dependent on your tax return, the child/teen cannot claim themselves on their own tax return. If you are claiming a child/teen who has earned income and our office is not preparing the tax return, we need a copy of the tax return that was filed. Please include a copy with your organizer. The child/teen will need to file an adult tax return when they start having significant earnings that would also have corresponding expenses to deduct on their return. Vehicle Reimbursement-Every year, you must obtain a copy of your employer’s reimbursement policy (if applicable) and keep copies of all expense reports and reimbursement records.  Tax Appointments-Please call our receptionist Vanessa at 805-583-2720 ext. 101 to schedule your tax appointment or email her at You also have the option to request a phone appointment. Cancellations-Appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hours are subject to a one-hour ($250) cancellation charge.

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