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If you recently or have done a 1031 exchange DST in the past and your CPA is not well versed in doing the DST tax preparation, you could be paying a premium for them to learn how to properly prepare a DST tax return.  If you do your own taxes, and now have income from a DST, and most likely need to file a multistate return, our Delaware Statutory Trust CPA's can prepare your DST tax return for you! Our team of Delaware Statutory Trust CPA experts have been preparing DST tax returns for many years. Our Delaware Statutory Trust CPA do not charge a premium because we have the process streamlined. Some accountants may charge you per page/per multistate return, and this could be costly for you. Don't get stuck having your accountant try and learn to prepare a DST income tax return, go to a trusted source who not only offers DST investments, but knows how to file the DST tax return! If you would like to have Winthco prepare your  Delaware Statutory Trust tax return from experienced CPA's with over 40 years experience, please fill out the form below, or call our office directly at 805-583-2720.

Delaware Statutory Trust CPA That Won't Charge An Arm & Leg

Our  Delaware Statutory Trust CPA has been helping not only our internal DST clients with their tax returns, but many clients who recently invested into a DST.  The  Delaware Statutory Trust accountants that do not know how to report the DST income could charge you an arm and a leg to learn how to correctly prepare the DST tax return. If the  Delaware Statutory Trust CPA has not done one before, they could improperly report the DST income and put you at risk for an audit by the IRS. This could be even more costly in the long run. This is why it is important to have a tax professional who is competent in the DST tax preparation. If you are receiving income from multiple states, you will have to file a return in every state that you receive income from the DST. For a  Delaware Statutory Trust accountant, this can be very convoluted. There could be a lot of forms, and your CPA might not be registered in that particular state. For a less experienced  Delaware Statutory Trust CPA, the tax return would take them countless hours, and you will be the one on the hook for the bill. When it comes to taking the depreciation benefits on your tax return, your Delaware Statutory Trust CPA might not properly take the full deductions from the accelerated depreciation schedule that is provided by the DST sponsor. You could be leaving a lot of tax deductions from the DST if your accountant is not competent in reporting the DST depreciation. Our team of professional Delaware Statutory Trust CPA's will ensure you take all of the depreciation in a leveraged DST offering for tax benefits.  

 Delaware Statutory Trust Accountants That Get It Done For You 

Our team of  Delaware Statutory Trust CPA and Accountants have over 100 years of experience preparing tax returns.  Delaware Statutory Trust CPA have not been well versed in the DST accounting side because these investments are still relatively new, and just started to pickup popularity recently with market conditions at all time highs. We love to diversify when it comes to DST investments but over diversifying when it comes to DST's can cut into your true yield and profit. If you are investing $5m or more into a DST, then going into 10+ states can justify the multistate tax return for all the income you will receive. Anything less than $5m, and more than 10 states where you are receiving income, can really bring down your overall yield. Our Delaware Statutory Trust CPA can minimize the cost of your DST tax return because we have experience doing them, and wont up charge you to learn the process. We would be happy to be your new Delaware Statutory Trust CPA and provide premium tax services at an affordable price! If you would like to become a Delaware Statutory Trust tax preparation client, please fill out the form below, or call our office directly at 805-583-2720. 


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