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Delaware Statutory Trust 1031

Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Info

Are you in the process of selling your rental property? Are you in escrow on a rental property? Are you thinking about selling your rental property? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help you understand more about a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031. You may be searching online because you are aware of the tax benefits of doing a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 exchange with your rental property. This is the main reason to do a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 exchange, to defer your capital gains tax on your rental property. For some with large rental properties, commercial buildings, or retail strip malls, this could be a huge tax savings! You may be interested in doing a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 exchange for the tax benefits, but you are unfamiliar with how they work, how they can be a tax deferral tool, the process, the returns, etc. We will help provide you with as much info as we can so that you can be familiar with a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 and how the exchange process works for you. If there is Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 info that we did not include in this article, you can fill out the form below, call us directly at 805-583-2720 and we can answer any questions you may have directly!

Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Process 

When it comes to the Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 process, there can be many steps you must follow to be in accordance with the IRS. The first step in the Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 process is to make sure they tax benefits are worth doing a DST 1031 exchange. If you have large, or substantial capital gains in your rental property, then a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 would be beneficial for you. If you are looking for a passive investment, where you do not have to manage a rental property, then a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 is beneficial for you! The next step is to list your rental property for sale on the market. Once you start getting offers on your rental property, you will want to setup a qualified intermediary with your escrow company. We can also provide you contact info for a trusted qualified intermediary that we use to make it easier for you. The purpose for a qualified intermediary in the Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 process, is to follow the IRS 1031 guidelines to defer the capital gains tax. The qualified intermediary takes the proceeds from the sale of the property, and transfers then to the Delaware Statutory Trust sponsor that we provide into your new investment. During this process, you will be in constant contact with our team to find you the right Delaware Statutory Trust portfolio of properties to invest your proceeds in. We will gather as much info as possible with you to ensure we find the best Delaware Statutory Trust portfolio based on your wants and needs. Once the property closes escrow, we will aim to have all the Delaware Statutory Trust portfolio paperwork completed for you. This ensures that the funds can be transferred within the 45 day window that the IRS requires once escrow closes. We also try and push this process in a tight timeline, because many Delaware Statutory Trust portfolios close quickly and we want to make sure there is a viable open 1031 DST portfolio that we can invest in. The Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 process is a very time consuming, and stressful time when you are trying to sell your rental property. We aim to take as much off your plate as possible, and guide you through the entire process to make it as easy, and stress free as possible. If you would like to get additional info on the Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 process, please fill out the form below, or call us directly at 805-583-2720 and we will answer any, and all questions you have! 

Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Portfolios & Anticipated Returns

Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 portfolios are very intense, and confusing. Each 1031 DST portfolio has a 220 plus page private placement memorandum that would require a lawyer to go through. However, we have been through many Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 portfolios, and know how to read them and understand them. We will gather info from you, and present you with multiple 1031 DST portfolios for you based on what you are looking for. We will go over each of these portfolios to help you understand the key points, and what to look for. We want to make sure you understand where the properties are located. We will educate you on the types of properties you are investing in. We will show you the anticipated yield that you should expect to see. Each Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 portfolio offers different rate of returns, so we want to make sure you are fully aware of the returns that you can expect to see. Our due diligence process is very thorough, and we will inform you on all the details that you need to know, or want to know about the portfolio. If you are interested in receiving a Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 portfolio example, please fill out the form below, or call us directly at - 805-583-2720 and we will provide you with the info that you are looking for! 

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