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DST Investment Opportunities

DST Investment Opportunities In Your 1031 Exchange 

DST Investment Opportunities are available for real estate investors who are looking to defer their capital gains tax in a 1031 exchange. It may come to a point for real estate investment teams to liquidate their real estate portfolio. For the real estate investment management team, the decision may decide not to purchase physical real estate in a 1031 exchange. This is where DST Investment Opportunities are available to still defer your capital gains tax. DST Investment Opportunities allow the real estate investor to sell their investment property and 1031 exchange in a Delaware Statutory Trust portfolio of properties. The DST Investment Opportunities allow the investor to do a tax deferred 1031 exchange, receive passive monthly income, participate in any appreciation, as well as the depreciation benefits of the real estate.  These DST Investment Opportunities give you access to properties that have already been acquired and generating monthly income from rents. These properties have a DST Investment management team that acts as the master tenant so you do not have to manage properties anymore and receive passive monthly income. This article will go over some of the DST Investment Opportunities, asset classes, Delaware Statutory Trust companies, and the investment management teams that manage these properties. If you are considering selling, in the process of selling, or have recently sold and investment property and would like to inquire about some of the available DST Investment Opportunities, please fill out the form below or call our headquarters directly at 805-583-2720. 

DST Investment Opportunities By Asset Class

There has been a surge of DST Investment Opportunities by multiple sponsors. Due to the rise of the real estate market, many real estate investment management teams are selling their properties. Most real estate investors are now familiar with the Delaware Statutory Trust in a 1031 exchange and would like to know what opportunities are available to purchase in an exchange.  When reviewing DST Investment Opportunities, you will want to review the top Delaware Statutory Trust sponsors, available asset classes, and the dst investment management team behind these properties. Depending on the size of your transaction, our DST Investment management representatives will build out a diversified portfolio of Delaware Statutory Trust properties available in your 1031 exchange.  If you have less than $1m to invest into DST Investment Opportunities, our team will look to diversify you into at least 2 DST Investment Opportunities by asset class and or Delaware Statutory Trust companies. If you have over $1m to invest into  DST Investment Opportunities, we will look to add multiple other portfolios in your exchange. Our goal is to diversify, but to not over diversify when it comes to building a portfolio of DST Investment Opportunities. You can overdiversify your 1031 exchange dst properties if there are multiple properties in one portfolio. If there are 5 or more properties that are located in 5 taxable states, we will look to invest a larger amount of the proceeds into the single portfolio.  Keep in mind, when you receive your passive income from the dst properties, you must pay ordinary income tax in the state that you receive the income. We want to justify the income you receive against the taxable income you receive. When we look to diversify by DST Investment Opportunities, we look to invest our clients proceeds into different asset classes and sponsor. For example, a $1m 1031 exchange would look to invest $500,000 into a multifamily property by sponsor 1, and $500,000 into a commercial asset class by sponsor 2. This diversified portfolio will give you 2 different asset classes, and 2 different dst companies.  The asset classes and dst companies can be adjusted based on the clients risk tolerance, income needs, appreciation goals, and tax considerations. Some DST Investment Opportunities based on asset classes can include:

DST Investment Opportunities

  • Multifamily
  • Self Storage
  • Senior Living
  • Student Housing 
  • Manufactured Housing communities 
  • Amazon Distribution Centers 
  • Hotels
  • Single Family Residence Communities 
  • Medical Office Buildings 
  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenient Stores/Gas Stations
  • Major Retail Anchor Buildings 

Identifying DST Investment Opportunities In Your Exchange 

If you are not familiar with the DST Investment Opportunities that are available to you, our qualified team of representatives will guide you along the process and help identify Delaware Statutory Trust properties that available for you in your 1031 exchange. Our DST Investment management team of management representatives will explain the different type of asset classes, average holding time, fees, and the different companies that are available with the Delaware Statutory Trust. We will help setup a qualified intermediary and help identify the DST Investment Opportunities that are available and fit in your exchange. Our DST Investment management team will review the many opportunities, achieve replacing any debt if needed, and help identify the replacement properties with your qualified intermediary. We have creative strategies for our clients when it comes to the 45 day identification period in your 1031 exchange. If you are still looking for a replacement property in your 1031 exchange, we always recommend to our investment clients that they identify a DST opportunity with your qualified intermediary. When you identify a DST opportunity, this can give you a backup plan if you cannot close on your replacement property. This strategy will allow you to fall back on the dst opportunity if you cannot close on your replacement property, but still allow you to defer your capital gains tax.  This might seem like a stressful process, but rest assured, our team will guide you through the entire process of education, identification, and even handle all the paperwork for you in your 1031 exchange. We want to ensure all of our clients have an enjoyable experience with our management team. If you have an investment property that is on the market, considering being sold, or even in your 45 day id, we can help you in your 1031 exchange to find an opportunity! To schedule a consultation call with one of our representatives, simply fill out the form below, or call our headquarters directly at 805-583-2720.

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