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Accessing your accounts online

Accessing Your Brokerage Accounts Online

Thank you for your interest in H.D. Vest Access Online! Once online you’ll experience many benefits including access to real-time account information, access to historical statements and tax documents, and control over delivery of statements and confirmations.

Accessing Your Own Brokerage Accounts

You are able to obtain online access to any brokerage account on which you are an authorized party (owner, custodian, trustee, etc.). You can also access any account on which you have been granted full or limited trading authorization on or power of attorney. If you have been granted trading authorization or power of attorney on a brokerage account,

H.D. Vest must have the appropriate paperwork on file before you can access the account online.

The following steps represent what you can expect when establishing your credentials for online access of your brokerage accounts. Please make sure you are logged into a computer with Internet access before you start. You will login during your call with Access Online.

NOTE: You may enroll online by accessing OR

  •  Call H.D. Vest at (888) 438-3781 (available 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday-Friday) or call Access Online at (866) 552-3312 (after hours).
  •  Tell the service representative that you would like to obtain new credentials for online brokerage account access.
  •  The service representative will authenticate you using questions including but not limited to first and last name, mailing address, Advisor name, date of birth and Social Security number (SSN).
  • The service representative will confirm the brokerage accounts that you wish to access and will generate a temporary password for 24 hours.
  •  The service representative will direct you to or http:// to complete the online enrollment.
  •  During your first login, you will use your SSN for your username and the temporary password for your password.
  •  Once you successfully login, you will be prompted to sign the Online Account Agreement (OAA) and will need to create your permanent username and password (service representative is still on the phone to assist).
  •  Once you successfully reach the brokerage site, the service representative will answer any additional questions you may have about preferences, alerts, and other online functions before ending the call.

If you have questions about your brokerage accounts, you can contact your Advisor or you can call (888) 438-3781 to speak to H.D. Vest General Support.

Accessing Other Brokerage Accounts as a Third Party

We understand that you may have the need to access a brokerage account for which you are not an authorized party. For example, you might need view access to your spouse’s IRA account. For this scenario, and in an effort to ensure the appropriate level of client privacy and controls around client data sharing, we require a client signed “Third Party Access to Client Information” form. You may request this form from H.D. Vest (Form #588470).

On the “Third Party Access to Client Information” form, the account owner(s) must complete the Online View Access

section, which will capture the name, SSN, date of birth, and address of the person (you) gaining access. All account owners must sign the bottom of the form before submitting to H.D. Vest for processing. The form may be submitted by Remote Capture (by Advisor), fax or mail:

Fax to: H.D. Vest Brokerage Operations at (972) 870-6128

Mail to: H.D. Vest Brokerage Operations at P.O. Box 650622, Dallas, TX 75265

Once H.D. Vest receives the form, you will be added to the brokerage account as a third party with view- only access. The access will be added within five business days.

Note: Third party view-only access will not allow you to change statement delivery or other online preferences.

What if I do not see all of my brokerage accounts when I login?

When you login, if your Account Summary page does not list all of the brokerage accounts you are authorized to view, please contact H.D. Vest General Support at (888) 438-3781.

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