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PERS Retirement Rollover

PERS Retirement Rollover Options For Public Employees

If you are a public employee with a PERS retirement account, you have the option to roll it over to another institution. In order to qualify to do a PERS Retirement Rollover, you must no longer be employed by the company that you are contributing to the PERS Retirement account. If you are no longer employed by the company, or any other public employer that has a PERS retirement program, then you are reliable to rollover your retirement account. Circumstances that can qualify you to do rollover your PERS Retirement account could include retirement, termination of employment, or disability. If you meet one of these criteria, you are eligible for a PERS Retirement Rollover.  

Why Rollover PERS Retirement Account?

Your PERS retirement account is a great way to accumulate a retirement account while you are employed. Some employers have great matching options for your contributions which are great benefits. Employer matching contributions are a great way to accumulate a good retirement account. However, the investment options that you have in your PERS Retirement Rollover can be very conservative with minimal investment options. PERS Retirement funds have over 25,000 accounts with billions of dollars of assets. PERS has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets and not lose substantial amount of money in these retirement accounts. PERS is at risk to multiple lawsuits if they lose these retirement funds. It is their fiduciary responsibility to be conservative when it comes to investment choices. If you are eligible for a PERS Retirement Rollover  then you have the option to more investment options, investment products, and choose the right risk tolerance for you. 

PERS Retirement Rollover Lump Sum Option

When it comes to looking at your PERS Retirement Rollover options, there could be the option for your pension to have a lump sum distribution option. The typical rate of return on a PERS Retirement pension is in the single digit percentage of growth. Once again, the PERS retirement options have the fiduciary responsibility to manage billions of dollars worth of assets. This is why the growth rate percentage is very minimal, because the investment options of the growth are conservative. If you are looking at a PERS Retirement Rollover lump sum distribution, you may be able to get the full benefit of your pension paid at once. Then you could have the choice and investment vehicle to invest in. There are many options you can chose when you have the PERS Retirement Rollover lump sum distribution option. There are insurance products like annuities that you can use to replace your monthly income with. These annuities could have downside protection to prevent or minimize the losses of your retirement account, while still capturing the upside on a growing market. 

PERS Retirement Rollover Consultation

If you are looking into a PERS Retirement Rollover because you are retired, or close to retirement, we can schedule an appointment to see what options are best for you. We want to take an in depth look into the best options, best products, and best choices for you when it comes to your retirement. If you are interested in doing a PERS Retirement Rollover, give us a call at 805-583-2720, email, and fill out the form below. We will help answer all the PERS Retirement Rollover questions you may have and come up with a comprehensive strategy for your retirement. We deal with a large majority of police officers and firefighters, and have been handling their PERS retirement accounts for decades. 

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